The Behavioral Health Workforce Collaborative

Workforce Collaborative in-person training

Building up the Voice of Youth & Families in the Behavioral Health Care System

The Washington State University Behavioral Health Workforce Collaborative is a unique, dynamic organization within Washington State University College of Nursing, that was created with behavioral health service providers and service recipients in mind. 

The WSU Behavioral Health Workforce Collaborative focuses on diversity, technical assistance, and strengthening the behavioral health workforce. Through research, evaluation, and programmatic initiatives, the Workforce Collaborative meets the challenges of the emerging behavioral health workforce through recruitment, retention, and advancement of individuals dedicated to recovery, resiliency, and improving quality of life across the lifespan.

Our Mission in the Workforce

The Mission of the Behavioral Health Workforce Collaborative is to advance children’s behavioral health practices in the state of Washington and to strengthen relationships among youth, families, and their community’s resources and supports by:

  • Implementing training and technical assistance to behavioral health providers
  • Ensuring diverse youth and family engagement
  • Promoting best practices for workforce development
  • Disseminating promising practices and evaluation results

Our Core System of Values

The Behavioral Health Workforce Collaborative shares the system of care core values of family driven, youth guided, cultural and linguistic competence, individualized and community based, and evidence based.

The Workforce Collaborative enlists Washington State's most promising leaders in the behavioral health field. These leaders are diverse in ethnicity, race, and economic background. Their places on the political spectrum and their religious beliefs are similarly varied, and we seek individuals of all genders and sexual orientations, regardless of physical abilities. 

Maximizing the diversity of our organization is important so that we can benefit from the talent and energy of all those who can contribute to our effort. Moreover, we seek to be diverse because we aspire to serve as a model of the fairness and equality of opportunity we envision for our state.