Statewide Members & Contact Info


FYSPRT State System Leaders

Nicole Miller

Rehabilitation Administration - Juvenile Rehabitation

Clinical Trianing Consultant

(360) 902-8009

Felichia Schaefer

Children Intensive Supports Program Manager

Developmental Disabilities Administration Representative

(360) 725-3403

Sharon Shadwell

Mental Health/SOC/Developmental Screening Project Coordinator

Development of Health Representative



Travis Rybarski

YouthSound, Washington State University, Statewide Program Specialist

YouthSound Representative


Taku Mineshita

Systems Integration Program Manager

Children's Administration Representative


Joan Miller

Policy Analyst

Washington Council For Behavioral Health Representative

(206)628-4608 x13

Carolyn Cox

Washington State Community Connectors Project Director

Washington State Community Connectors Representative

Lin Payton

ABA and Mental Health Program Manager

Health Care Authority Representative

(360) 725-1194

Lori Magnuson

High School Transition Program Manager

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Representative

(360) 725-3666

Ron Hertel

Student Health & Wellbeing and Compassionate Schools Program Supervisor

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Representative

(360) 725-6050

Haley Lowe

Behavioral Health Workforce Collaborative Executive Director

Washington State University Representative

(360) 350-0893

Lorrin Gehring

Washington State University Program Manager, Office of Research

YouthSound Representative

Helen Fenrich

Tulalip Tribe IPAC Member

IPAC Representative

(360) 561-4753